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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by bigkitty, Aug 16, 2014.

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    Hi, I ride a 2001 fuel injected Ultra which I bought in 2001. About a week ago I was doing about 50 mph and the bike stopped running. I tried to start it but the battery was dead. I trailered it home, bought a new battery and it will not start. I pulled the ECM unit from my brothers 1999 Ultra and installed it in my bike and I still have the same problem. The bike turns over fine, the fuel pump is working but there is no spark to the plugs. My HD dealership in Lakewood Colorado says my bike is obsolete and it's to old for them to look at and I should buy a new one. The Ultra has 50k on it and this is the first problem I've had with it. Any suggestions?
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    NO your bike is not obsolete!!!!! The dealers in general do not like working on older bikes more than 10 years old because parts are hard to obtain at times and would rather make the big dollars by installing pipes and air filters and race tuners etc. if you know what I mean. So in reality they are just changing parts and not really repairing bikes. They probably would have a hard time repairing a new one if it would come in with a complicated problem.
    Any ways, have you done any repairs to your bike recently that could have interfered with the running aspect. Removal of tank etc. Check battery cables first, fuses, and power to coils......
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    Possibly your CPS (crankshaft position sensor) failed. A not uncommon problem, and a new sensor is about $55. I just checked, and your brothers 1999 sensor has a different part # than yours.
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    Hopefully you will not give one more penny of your hard earned money to these morons.
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    Make sure to check all of your connections, including fuses and relays.

    I've had the same incident happen at my local dealer about two years ago... didn't bring the bike in for service, because I fix it myself, but rather parts. The service desk attendant told me that my bike was obsolete. I bit my tongue, and made no comment. But if they caught me on the wrong day, I would've exchanged some no-so-kind words.
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    What a horrible way to treat a customer and try to sell a new bike!
    You should've asked what you should do with your obsolete one, stop at the junk yard and drop it off before you come in and buy a new one?

    I would try another dealership. I know my local would never turn work away for their tech's.
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    Im with Breeze on the Crank Position Sensor.
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    For your 2001 Ultra:


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    Thanks for getting back to me. Yea I would like to tell the sale staff and parts dept. a few things but I say nothing just ask how much parts are and if there in stock. I will tell you guys this, I will never buy a bike new or used from these guys. My bike has been a very reliable ride for years, even with the M&M injection. Anyway I did replace the fuel pump recently. But the bike started with one push of the button for weeks. My brothers 99 Ultra's ECM part # is 32423-99 and my 01 # is 32423-99A. The dealership said the part should work, *A* just indicates an upgrade. The one thing I'm really confused about is the battery being dead. It was replaced last year, so I'm wondering if maybe the bike is grounding itself somewhere. I have checked it for bare or pinched wires etc and found nothing. I did the error code thing with the engine light (2001 models) and it seems to blink with no clear error code. I guess I'll buy a crank and cam sensor and see if this is what is wrong. Like I said before, the bike was running strong with zero issues and then it just quit. It real sucks because before to long it'll be snowing again, I really want to get back in the saddle.
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    Yea that will probably be my next step.