Windshield Options 96 FXSTC?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Oregold, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Good morning friends my name is Mike and I'm a new member. I need some advise on choosing a windshield. Three weeks ago I bought a 96 Softail Custom. The front turn lights were relocated to the forks, and it has higher handle bars than stock. I'm about 6 foot, and after searching a lot for information on windshields for the bike I'm only seeing offerings for stock. Meaning with the turn lights on the bars, and stock bars. I'm trying to get something that will keep most the wind out of my face, and that I can see over. the HD dealers sells a 19" for like 500 with mounts, but they have to order it. Which means I'm not going to be sure if that's to high, or if it will look butt ugly on an actual bike. Any ideas on a brand that's really good, and a height? I've seen the brand National which seems to be decent according to their information. Also, from what I read the rider is supposed have a line of sight over the shield and not through it. So, unless there is a draw back I was thinking of a slightly tinted shield, but if the fit is better then clear would be fine as well. Thanks for any information or advise. My best wishes to you all. Mike in Oregon
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    I agree with Jack. Memphis Shades should be able to fit your needs. I have one and love it. Tank's advice is great as well.
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    Welcome to the forum Mike. Harley makes several windshields for your bike.
    Super sport/$220, Compact, King size, and Ventalitor/ $500. Most can be used with fork mounted signals. Get yourself a Harley Catalog, they're free from the As mentioned, Memphis shades and National make good windshields. I advise to get what is called "fork mounted". The other kind has stabilizer bars that go to the handlebars and don't look good. Most like a line of sight just over the shield. You say you want to keep MOST of the wind out of your face, so a smaller shield should work. I have and prefer light tint on mine. As for looks, here's a ebay search link for 250 + softails. Scroll through and see what looks good and bad to you, and if your signal mounts will work. Make sure you come back with your choice and evaluation of what you end up with.
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    Thank you everyone this is great information. I also went to the list that Tank sent and I'm checking out the offerings by each company. The older I get, the more I wish there were fewer options to choose from. :) Again, thank you. Mike
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    Welcome aboard!

    If I may, I have an 08 FXSTC which is probably the same fork and bars as yours, specifically, 39mm tubes and 12" mini apes. I have a HD quick detach windshield and I'm very pleased with it. HD prices range from ~ $350 - 450.
    At, you can usually get ~ 20% off stock prices and 12.99 flat shipping rate...just another option in your hunt.
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    Did you choose a windshield for your bike? I'm currently looking for one and have the same model and year as you do. Just curious if you liked it or not.

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    I'm sorry it took so long to respond. I did find a windshield I liked at the dealership. It's working out great. As I posted when I joined HDT, my 96 FXSTC was bought from the original owner who only put 6k miles on it. Before he brought the bike home, he also had Mike (Stagman)? install a larger cam, a 42 mm carb as well as the H4 ignition system. It's been running fine, and I replaced the original battery simply because it was the 96 factory battery. The bike was dyno tuned when he had the upgrades done, and I replaced the plugs. For an older bike it's still in great condition. I also changed the tires because of their age. Thanks again everyone. I posted a question looking for information on shorter turn signal bulbs. The prior owner also replaced the signal lenses with the flat ones so the normal bulbs are to long. Best wishes friends. Mike