Which HD Mag Wheels will fit a 97 FLSTS?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by PanHeadRich, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Hey all, I have a 97 Heritage Springer that I bought new, and now want to change around a bit. One of the changes will be the wheels, I want to go with Harley Mags. The 2 different type mag wheels I'm considering are these:



    I think the Wagon Wheels in the first pic were on the year 2000 up. So I'm curious if they can go on a 97 FLSTS without being modified?

    I'm pretty sure the 10 Spoke Mags in the second pic can go right on, but please advise if I'm wrong.

    But I'm questioning both mags for the front wheel. They're both dual disc front wheels and the Springer is only single disc. So I'm curious if I can just leave the disc off the right side, and most importantly, will the disc & rotor line up on the left side?

    If anybody has any knowledge on this, please advise. Your assistance will be highly appreciated. Many thanks
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    If those wheels in the first picture came off a Tourer, then the front bearing is for a 1" axle. I think HD also changed to sealed bearings in 2000, and they do not interchange with your conical, two piece bearings. HD Sealed wheel bearings of different sizes OTOH are interchangeable, so you could fit a bearing sized to your axle. However, using a sealed bearing with your '97 set-up would affect your wheel spacers and speedo drive - if you have one.
    I put 2000-up sliders and front brakes on my old scoot, and machined down a 1" axle to keep my old wheel and speedo drive - no problems.
    Note that I am not sure how a springer front is made up in that department, but probably like standard sliders?

    The second photo is a pre-2000 set-up, and therefore I assume conical bearings? That would make life easier for you, but how fitting a dual disc wheel to a single front works I do not know. It could be too wide - can you get the owner of those wheels to measure them for you - both between the insides of the discs and between the bearing (outer) surfaces. Given that the wheel physically fits, and you get them cheap, it should only be a matter of mathcing spacers to line it all up.
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    I have a 07 Heritage Classic....I bought 2 profile wheels on e-bay, they were from a 2009 Deluxe, the front fit just fine....but the rear was so different I had to take my old hub from the 2007 and put it in the 2009 wheel, the 2009 set up was wider, I know this dont help you,but this is just something you get into when changing things from one bike to another