when to change about distribution in TC96

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  1. Il Barbiere di Nociglia

    Il Barbiere di Nociglia New Member

    hello everybody
    i'm a FXDC 2009 italian owner
    i rode my bike almost 40000 miles
    is it the time to keep on eye at the distribution?
    my mechanic says yes
    the question is what to change at 40000 miles? distribution chain, bearings, chain tensioner or what else? is 40000 miles the right timing to make this work?

    thank you everybody
  2. gusotto

    gusotto Junior Member

    If you are concerned about the cam chain tensioners, your 2009 bike doesn't have that problem with a different design.
    Only 2006 and older bikes.

    I'm assuming you have done many oil changes for engine/primary/transmission in the last 40,000 miles.

    If the bike is running fine, then I wouldn't worry.