wheel weight damaging front fender

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by danner55, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. danner55

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    My 2011 CVO Ultra Classic has slung the front wheel weights off & has damaged the front fender. Has anyone had this problem. Has the MOCO replaced your fender & rebalance the wheel?

    BOWHIKER Junior Member

    Take it in for warranty they'll cover it .
  3. DEW57

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    Brother-in-law threw a front wheel weight, 2011 Road Glide CVO. Almost punched a hole in the upper front fender. He called HD and they cleared it for warranty over the phone. He took it in for the warranty work and other minor things. He had to leave for business overseas and was gone for several weeks. Dealer told his Mrs. that he must have run over something and not covered. A couple weeks went by and she called back and the mechanic advised that is was a wheel weight that came off and it would be covered under factory warranty. Apparently on the CVOs they have been having an issue with the weights, so I've been hearing. Not sure if it is the chrome wheels or defective adhesive.
  4. dbmg

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    Good point as tire heats up and transfers heat to chrome wheel I bet the weight adhesive becomes soft and looses grip. This is probably compounded if any type of wheel cleaner or soap used on wheel when cleaning...
    Hopefully HD will get it straighten out. I wonder if the sticky part of weight stays on wheel or the whole thing comes off.
  5. glider

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    Good point here about the soap and wheel cleaners but if the whole weight and adhesive comes off completely then the surface wasn't cleaned properly when the weight was applied.
  6. ultimatehillbilly

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    Hi all, new to the board. Picked up '11 CVO Road Glide this past sat. Less than 50 miles on
    it, on the interstate and very unpleasant noise from front. Was for certain not road debris hit, 3 dents from the inside. One protrudes about 3/32" very "pointed" and paint is gone. All three dents are to the left of centerline of the fender, just above the edge of the wheel/tire. Don't think it could be anything but slung weights. Will be finding out shortly.
  7. TripleJ

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    Welcome to the forum and I will add nice choice for new ride. It will be my next bike and the first thing I will be doing is checking them wheel weights. Enjoy your stay :)
  8. btsom

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    Do the CVOs come with that same D408f front tire? You can get your tire AND wheel weights changed on the same warranty stop. Enough to shake one's confidence. Perhaps if the company charged just a little more $ for those machines this wouldn't happen. (Sarcasm, sometimes isn't so obvious on the net)
  9. danner55

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    The weights were missing in early march. It wasn't from the heat or from being washed. They were missing before the 1000 mile check up.I didn't notice the dent in the side of the fender until this week. This dent is on the side of the fender. The adhesive strip was still there, just not the weights.

    I had the dealer look at it yesterday & he talked to the Harley Rep.

    I got a call today & the new fender is on order. I have 4700 miles on the bike now & no trouble with the front tire being out of balance. I'll be leaving the weights off .
  10. glider

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    Glad to hear they took care of the problem but I would have the wheel rebalanced again. Just make sure they clean the rim properly before applying the new weights if it's a mag and if it's spokes, then use the spoke weights.

    The tire obviously was out of balance or there would have been no weights on it from the beginning. Being out of balance even a small amount will effect the life of the tire and also the wear too.