What happened?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Merlynn, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Merlynn

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    Wednesday night bike night at Crabby Jacks, got on the bike to go home, hit the start switch and nothing happened. Checked again, ignition on, run switch on, hit starter... nothing. Turned everything off again and this time saw fuel pump came on and when it went off hit the start switch and it fired right up. Came home shut it down, then started it again with no problem. This is a new bike 9 months old. What happened and will it happen again?

    FWIW I was sober and didn't miss anything obvious!
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    It could have been something interfering with the signal from your key fob,or a low bat.in the fob.(I'm assuming it has fact. alarm)

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    Don't have a new bike, but you do know MOCO has been modifying starting system interlock...

    Think back, did you activate/deactivate the security system or could it have been in protect mode when you got on? Does the new bike have jiffy stand interlock, or does it prevent starting the bike in gear (must be in neutral) or clutch lever switch (must be pulled in like some of the earlier model Police and service bikes)?

    I know this new bike orientation can get a little how do you say "tenuous" being most of the things we used to do may not give us the desired results? :bigsmiley22:
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    Im thinking now I should replace the key fob battery. It's at least 10 months old and I now remember when I pulled the bike out of the garage to go to bike night the lights began flashing as if I didn't have a key so I even checked to see if I had forgotten my key fob. I hadn't.
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    Change the battery i the key fob its a cr 2032, seen similar problems.