What a day to waste

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    You might recall this thread I had on my battery:
    Why is my bike harder to start after priming? - Harley Davidson Forums - HDTalking.com

    Well today I had planned a trip to Skyline drive and Winchester Va. I got my clothes ready, rolled the bike out of the shed, checked tire pressure, cleaned old bugs off the windshield, and I was ready to go.
    Normally I start the bike to warm it up while I put on my jacket and helmet. Today I jump on the bike, listen for it to prime, hit the starter only to hear Click, Click, Click. I know it isn't the battery as that is new. Take off the seat and the fuse block cover holding my finger on the starter relay while hitting the start button. I could feel the click in the relay so I knew that was it.
    Now to wait for the indy to open to buy a new relay. By the time I got there and drove back home I lost the interest in the ride. I had lost 3 hours and I didn't want to start out at noon. Just disappointing but I am glad it chose to be bad before I got out on my trip.
    Why does Harley make so many different relays when they make all the cuts they do in production? Seems if they streamlined the parts to a single source that alone would save them money and the dealers confusion on what part is what.
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    Well ...That stinks....Glad you have fixed your bike...I dont like a late start to anything..Mabe you can still take a small ride ....:)
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    I have no problem starting out at noon. That's when I started my 4 day ride last year.

    Glad you got the bike going.