Waterproofing spray for boots, gloves, etc.

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  1. I finally tried Rust-Oleum's "NeverWet" waterproofing spray. There are several varieties of the stuff. I bought the kind for shoes and boots. I followed the directions exactly and sprayed my boots. That stuff really works! I put a boot under the kitchen faucet and the water practically jumped off. It even kept the mesh part behind the zipper on the sides from getting wet. I was quite impressed.

    Next I squirted it on a pair of deerskin gloves. Same results. Water simply wouldn't soak in. That being said, after about 1,000 miles of riding with the gloves I tested them again. The palms of the gloves weren't nearly as waterproof. Much of the treatment apparently wore off from being rubbed against the grips. The rest of the glove was still waterproof. Regardless, it still beats having the entire glove get sopping wet if you get caught in the rain. FWIW, after 1,000 miles the boots are still just as waterproof as they were at first.

    My early assessment is that it is good stuff. I think that it might need to be reapplied every so often...especially on surfaces that sustain a lot of wear and tear...but it's no big deal. Takes about 20 seconds to spray a whole boot and then you let is set for 24 hours. Easy peezy.
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    Good info. Anything that's easy, works and makes life more enjoyable is always a bonus.....
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    Maybe this product should be added to the self help section. It's always nice to hear about a product thats been tested by a member and it does what it claims. Good find Frank.:s
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    Won't spraying that stuff on your things make them no longer breathable? I love it on rain fly, tents and stuff that I won't be wearing for long periods of time but tend to avoid it for my clothes so I don't sweat.
  5. It didn't seem to affect the breath-ability of the gloves or boots. That really impressed me. What I've read is that it is some sort of new whiz-bang fancy high tech chemical. I really don't like wet feet, even if the rest of me is soaked, so that's why I tried it on the boots first. The glove thing was just to see if it would work on 'em. But like you, I don't like putting it on my clothes. If I need it on my clothes then I figure I ought to be putting on the rain gear.

    If I do get caught in the rain and can't get my rain gear on in time I figure that once it stops raining it takes only about 15 minutes of riding to dry off. (Except for the "crotchal" area, of course. Never seems to dry out there until ya get off the bike for a while.)
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    Looks like another good product with good results, I added it to the members tips with your name on the header I hope you don't mind and the members read it:s
  7. Thanks! I wasn't sure where to post it originally.
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    Camp Dry is another good product that leaves the items waterproof but breathable.