Warranty Issues with SE Parts

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    Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle Warranty Issues

    It seems that many riders believe that using Screamin' Eagle performance upgrades have no effect on their HD Warranty. Despite what the local HD Dealer may tell them, only HD parts that are listed in the Parts Catalog with a "green light" designation can be installed on their bikes without having a negative effect on the warranty. This means that most Screamin' Eagle components will void the warranty on much of the engine.

    While in some cases your local HD Dealer can "sneak" a warranty issue through Harley's process as a courtesy to its own customers, it is highly unlikely that another Dealer will extend the same courtesy.

    No matter what your local Dealer may tell you, the explanation of the warranty listed above is an honest interpretation of how Harley-Davidson is now enforcing its warranty.

    Has anyone had an experience with this?:nosad
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    I have a ton of S.E. parts on my ride had no problem with warranty issues a few years ago when a wierd noise popped up the dealer repaired it under warranty no questions asked...I even paid the difference to kick in the stage II while they were replacing other parts just paid the difference..