Want new exhaust without the extra cost

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Mena-Nix, May 20, 2009.

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    I've always heard that HD stood for Hundred Dollars but the extra cost it takes just to upgrade your exhaust to get a little more sound is outrageous. I can just imagine the meeting between the HD engineers and the Department Heads..." Boss, I've got this idea to milk even more money out of our loyal customers... Really, how?....Well, lets make the bikes very quite and develope the electronics to be very difficult to adjust so we can charge them an absorbant amount of money for the nessasary tools to upgrade anything."

    What is the best/efficent and cost effective way to get around the need of the HD race tuner? I've read the many threads refer this but what is the down and dirty? The PC III or any of the other types other than the HD race tuner please.
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    No idea about the tuning, but from what Ive seen, Hobbit will agree. It is sooo much easier to put exhaust on a carbed motor. But Im sure someone will be able to help you out with ur issues.

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    MenaNix - welcome to HDTalking, you will find a whole lot of info here to help make your ride more enjoyable and making do it yourself maintenance a much easier task. There will be plenty of riders and enthusiasts that will weigh in and offer good advise. Here is my $0.02...

    Keep your old OEM mufflers stock (do not modify your takeoffs) in the event your state or local regulations require bi-annual inspections and certifications. HD or SE Slip-Ons are the easiest to install or change out...problem is you gotta hear them on another bike similar to yours BEFORE you buy. It really is an act of faith to have someone else "pick a sound" you like. Good news is just changing the slipon's will not require you to change the EFI mapping, though you certainly can (especially if you go with SE (HD & EPA approved types as they will affect tuning the least).

    That being said, just going to straight pipes with out baffles will only sound raspy, harsh, and due to little or no backpressure, so you actually lose exhaust scavenging (basically tuned exhaust advantage) at low RPM, bottom end power, torque and streetability. There are plenty of suppliers of new and used parts, but the decision of which one boils down to your experiences talking and listening to other riders and their selections before you buy...it need not be a hundred dollars, but good deals are always one "mouse click" away.
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    Welcome to the forum. Hobbit and HD74 are correct. Exhaust changes can be made and the O2 sensors will insure the proper air/fuel mixture is used. I will be changing to SE exhaust this summer and change intake and Fi mapping shortly there after.

    While it certainly is true that HD stands for hundred dollars, I think if you compare the cost of a new performance increasing exhaust system for a Metric or European bike, you will find that they are, in many cases more expensive than the HD SE mufflers. Of course, if you then look to V&H, or some of the other manufacturers of exhaust, you already know the sky's the limit for all motorcycles.

    It's not HD's fault that the exhaust sound has to be restricted. This can only be traced back to your Congressman/woman and Senator. Your government has mandated this, not HD.

    Ride safe, enjoy the forum!