Wahoo - got my license + good dealer experience!

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    After just moving here to San Antonio, TX from Nashua, NH . . . getting my newly purchased Harley FXDC on the 'list' to moved by HaulBikes . . . I stopped by my new 'home' dealership Caliente Harley Davidson just this past Thursday. I was greeted by Peter at the rentals desk who was speaking with Jim - one of the motorcycle class trainers there at the dealership. I introduced myself, and we spoke a little about what I was doing and that we had traded some voicemails and etc. Just getting to know them . . . since my bike will be delivered to that dealership . . . Peter and Jim knew I hadn't had a license for a while, and even though it was at the very last minute invited me to attend the class starting that evening. I wasn't prepared, but they helped me out to make sure that I Had everything I needed. Apparently they had a couple of last minute cancelations . . .They set me up and away I went . . . Jim is an excellent instructor, and as an experienced experienced instructor and ex-USAF officer really made the time go by well . . .I learned quite a bit. I was able to re-learn riding a motorcycle fairly quickly after not riding for more than 20 years. The Saturday consisted of some roadwork (in the back of the dealership) and some theory . . .and Sunday was all road work and the test . . . It turned out to be well worth it. They have an advanced rider course that I will certainly be taking when I get 1000 miles or so of riding under my belt. Oh yes . . . and who can forget Randy! He is the other part of the show . . . He shows up for the road work training and is an excellent instructor in his own right. The 'Jim and Randy' show do a great job in instructing . . .
    For 159.00 it is was well worth the time invested . . . The dealership seems to be a good place as well . . . when I left there this afternoon they had a live band playing! Yesterday they had their HOG chapter meeting, which seemed to have a sizable number of folks participating. So far so good . . .Caliente H-D seems to have a good thing going . . .

    It will take another 3 to 5 weeks to deliver my bike . . . it hasn't been assigned a truck yet . . . .I've got my completion certificate - and no bike to ride!

    Thanks - Mark!:D
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    Now that is Great News, HMMM, maybe you should treat yourself and rent a bike just a thought til your bike arrives, Congratulations:cheers
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    Congrats on the class and getting your motorcycle endorsment. Waiting for the bike will be the hardest part now.
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    I went back to school after many years of not riding. I did not think about it until I told my Son of my Harley plans. He freaked out!! Sounded like my Mom or something. Anyways, his Mom, my ex-wife and good friend, (sincerely) sugestted a riding school, and saved the day. I went to Pacific Riding school in Surrey B.C. Canada. Mark Kruger (5 time road champ) was one of the instructors (part owner). I embraced the training and had a real good time. They helped me with test appointments (3 part licensing process) and enlightened me on things I never knew, but should know. I have been riding with confidence for 3 years now, on my 2nd Harley and lovin it. An FXDC is a stellar bike!! I just love mine. Enjoy!!!!
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    Now you are all ready for when your bike arrives take the time that you have to sort out as much as you can in your new life so that you have plenty of free time for riding when the bike arrives

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    Congratulations and remember to practice those skills frequently to keep them fresh! Ride safe.
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    Well good news but why wait rent, rent, rent:)
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    That is going to be a long 3 to 5 weeks for you until the bike arrives. You should acclimate yourself to some great places to ride in that area in the meantime so when your bike comes you can hit a few of them. Perhaps the members of the local HOG chapter can put you on to some preferred destinations to explore.
    Best of luck to you!
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    Congrats Mark. Good luck and ride safe. The time will go be quickly and you can use that time to buy chrome goodies.
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    Good job! I can't commend you enough for having the good sense to take this course and get your skills refreshed before your bike arrives!