Vista Cruise with Iso Grips?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Kansasjase, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Kansasjase

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    I'm looking at installing a simple Vista Cruise throttle lock on my bike. Largely for long trips (most of the roads in Kansas are long and straight), brief relief on my wrists.

    My bike has iso grips on it and I have heard conflicting views as to whether I can use the Vista Cruise with Iso Grips.

    Anyone have any experience in this particular area?

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Have had experience with both, but separately...sorry. The Vista Cruise comes in black and chrome finishes, and uses an over center thumb lever profile the clamps and holds the grip in a rubber/metal collar. The nut/spring atop the lever is set so that it holds the throttle steady without slipping, but a firm grip by you can easily "override" the friction to incrementally adjust throttle or thumb lever to release quickly. It does reduce the width of the grip available by about 1/2" or so.


    ISO grips by K├╝ryakyn are very comfortable and look nice. They offer their version of the "Throttle Boss" ...a lever at the end of the throttle grip that allows you to use the palm of your hand to hold the throttle without "gripping". Don't know how wide your hand is, but use one or the other, as you can see each item would "lessen" available area for a leather gloved mitt...!
  3. HarryB737

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    Helped 1 of my friends yesterday install the Vista cruise on his '07 Heritage.
    His bike has the ISO grips... We did encounter a problem. Where the grips are tapered on the inside of the grip it made the bracket not perpendicular, which put everything in a bind. We overcame the problem by adding small washers between the bracket and the tab it acuates. That squared things up, it it worked like it was supposed to... On a personal note... I don't want cruise control on my bike (Different strokes for different folks) Just my preference.
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    Once you've had it, you'll never go without again! :)
  5. Kansasjase

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    I understand what you're saying. Hopefully, I won't rely on it too much. But there are times on a long haul that I'd like to give my hand a little rest.
  6. Troy1225

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    You might want to check out the Breakaway Cruise Control. It seems a tad pricey but has a nice safety feature of releasing with the front brake.
  7. RetiredJake

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    +1 on that. Get on a long trip, holding your speed day after day, your right hand/wrist gets tired and can use the break.