Vietnam Veterans Ride in Mobile

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    Last Saturday was a ride to honor Vietnam and Vietnam Era veterns, I just had to go, even though it was raining when we got started. It was about time that Mobile had this recognition of our brothers and sisters which have been sadly ignored for too long. About 250 riders from Ladd Stadium to Battleship Park. I have attached some pics, check out the 3 wheeler, just too cool!!

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  2. JTs Dad

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    Same day in Jacksonville we had the POW-MIA Rememberance ride, also in the pouring ran...If I remember right still over 1,100 missing from vietnam...That's just to many...Never Forget....
  3. mc2

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    That is 1,100 too many.
    As I finished the first draft of a book I thought my solo ride throughout Vietnam was complete. But then the far western Mekong Delta perimeter became significant. I leave tomorrow for the 5 day ride where I will continue to respectfully wear the POW/MIA patch on my cutoff. After which I will have passed in relative proximity to 1,100 who remain to come home.
    It has been a thought provoking ride.

    God Bless & We will not forget.
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    Good Posts , We must never forget
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    I love that claymore mine on the front of the trike. I want one for the next time someone pulls out in front of me! Good cause for the ride, and I will never forget!!