Very Strange Occurence

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by mc2, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. mc2

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    Sorry, don't know how to title it, other than - strange!

    After installing neck bearings and assembling all related items, I hook up the battery, and even thought there's no fuel in the tank, I give the engine a crank.
    It cranks weak, and the lights do not come on.

    The battery was new last Oct (it was a Panasonic I bought in Saigon)! I recently had it on a btry tender for a few weeks. Before cranking the voltage was 12.9, after cranking 12.4v. A strange thing than began to happen. With the key switch off - the security flashers went off, and the fuel pump kicks on at the same time with the flashers.

    A load test at the local HD shop showed the CCA at 125~, and said it should be 300+. So I buy a new battery$.

    Exhaust is off and still no fuel in tank, but it does crank strong. But with the switch off; the flashers and fuel pump are still kicking on, and the lights don't work either!

    Before I begin tracing my works back to connections beneath the fuel tank, I would be grateful for any insight to this phenomenon.

  2. texas tom

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    Assuming all was good before you started replacing neck bearings,you did something wrong double check what you did. BTW why on an 08 were you replacing neck bearings?
  3. Jeff Klarich

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    Sounds like a wiring issue, as texas tom said recheck your work. If all was fine before, you must have crossed some wires somewhere along the way. Good luck, nothing worse than a wiring issue.
  4. mc2

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    Yeah, something's crossed somewhere. All plugs for removing the front end are basic plug/unplug, but I've been known to unknowingly do something screwy!

    41,000 hard miles across Vietnam - the front end took a beating. It also sat covered in a garage in Saigon for a year. While riding in the hot season, I would try grease the bearings often, but it was difficult to find a grease gun, and then I would forget. I checked the bearings at about 25,000 miles, and they didn't look bad. On my return to the states I wanted to check out the whole front end. I was surprised to find it in such good shape. Just a little wear, but as long as it was all open, I replaced bearings and bushings.
  5. Breeze3at

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    If the 2008's still use the ground wire because of rubber dampened h-bars, are you sure you got the ground wire back on the handlebar riser bolt?

    HOLY DIVER Junior Member

    yes what this guy said^^^^^^...
  7. mc2

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    Glad to have the considerations, but I didn't separate the ground wire!
    I'll get back in the garage about Thursday and post the resolve asap.
  8. mc2

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    For anybody sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for this resolution: I apologize for the late reply. LOL

    It's almost embarrassing, but, after disconnecting and reconnecting all the headlight and handle control connectors, still had flashers and fuel pump on & off.
    Then, cleaned the male connectors as best as could with emery cloth, and guess what - no more problem.

    All in all, a very strange occurrence!