V & H slipon mufflers on 2010 FatBoy

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by wilks3, May 6, 2010.

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    I put V&H 3" slash tip slipon mufflers (V&H#16843) and the Xied 14.0 resisters
    on my 2010 FatBoy at the same time. Bike runs great, more midrange for sure,
    no stumbling, popping or bog, just nice throttle response.
    Just a-tad loud for me but not worth $60 for quieter baffles.
    And a bonus! Had put dipstick temp gauge in week before, rode 3 different times, oil temp was right around 200-ish. Now have ridden 2 different times,
    oil around 185-ish. SWEET! All riding times where pretty close on outside temps so good comparison on oil temps. Maybe this will help somebody looking to do slipon mufflers and what to expect.
    Stay Safe!!!