V&H Short shots

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by JKT1969, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. JKT1969

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    Does anyone have these? I am looking at getting this for my wife's 883 Low. Since they aren't slip ons are the hard to install...and are they very loud? I know loud is subjective, but she doesn't want anything obnoxious, just something that sounds like a Harley should.

    Thanks for the info...
  2. Kirwajo

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    Hi All was looking at adding some pipes myself am looking for some nice loud ones either slip on or the full deal the only prob is that I live in Ireland and stuff here is so costly any advice would be great its for a sportster 06 883:cheers
  3. fin_676

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    Guernsey hd disappeared sometime in January think they went bust
    twice in July and august i tried to order hd slip ons from Jersey hd using the hd part number site said it was a valid part number and took the money first time i got an email telling me parts no longer available second time different units valid part number no email just money re credited to my account
    try V-Twin Mania - Genuine Harley Davidson parts and accessories, Kuryakyn, Vance Hines, Custom Chrome, Zodiac and many more...
    they are based in edinburgh if i order from them i have it in 2 days if its a stock item if he hasnt got it usually he can get it

  4. Safehaven

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    I have to aggree with Hobbit,

    I've driven my street bob with both stock exhausts and the V&H Short shots and the change is pretty big. These pipes are seriously loud.. I've had the Quiet baffles installed about a month after the change. These will subdue the "crackling" drag pipe sound out a bit, and fit my taste of what a harley should sound like better than the open pipes. Helps the performance as well.

    Maybe you could go to a dealer in your neighborhood and ask for a demo :)

    Take care,
  5. barnak

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    Just install them on my wife 883N, easy to install and yes, they are loud, but this is what it's all about.:bigsmiley24:
  6. 09 FXSTC

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    Wife and I just picked up a "NEW" 08 Nightster leftover for her. Looking to do something in the way of slip ons or complete system myself. Not sure I'd go with short shots. I have short shots on my 09 Softail Custom. They are loud! But that is not my problem, at times they sound raspy and cheap. I wonder if that is what Safehaven is reffering to as crackling? Wonder if I should change out the stock baffles with the quite baffles?:cheers
  7. Hilts

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    I'd agree with that! Just put V&H shorts on my Nightster with quiet baffles and I think it's a good compromise! Come the spring I hope the neighbours do too! :s