V&H Bluing?

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    Hello all... I've got a FLSTCI with Vance and Hines Straight Shots. I love the sound and I think the look fits with the image of the Heritage Classific Softail perfectly.

    But (edited) I'm having a problem with the rear cylinder/top pipe end bluing. The standard heat shields do not go the entire length of the pipe. I'm wondering if the leather saddle bags are not allowing the heat to dissapate correctly.

    I know I can order a replacement exhaust from V&H, but would rather change pipes is this gonna happen again because of the saddlebags.

    Anyone else have a similar issue?

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    When I was young and first started out riding...blue pipes were a sign of you being "a real biker."

    Bikes without blue were barn sour nags (garage queens.) I was very proud of the multi-hued rainbow of colors extending down the four pipes of my 1980 CB 650 Honda...at the heads I had a good inch and a half of deep purple.

    How times have changed.
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    Looks like the mods have this newbie locked down. This is the third day/time I've tried to reply to my own post. Last attempt.

    No ability to upload a picture.

    FI, using a V&H Fuel Pack. Stock pipes for first 12,000 miles. 6,000-8,000 miles on the new pipes/computer without any problems. Used BlueJob to remove 90% of bluing, but returns later.

    It's the rear of the top pipe, 12-18 inches long, roughly the center of the pipe/saddlebag overlap area.
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    Talking to ones self can be considered a good thing. You are always assured of an intelligent conversation and never any back talk:D

    All kidding aside, you posted a link to your page and that's why you are not having any luck on the forum posting to your own post as you said above.

    We do not allow links to other sites to be posted on the forum regardless of the post that it was replying to even thou it was your own.

    Now that everyone else is confused :bigsmiley20:

    You know what I'm talking about.

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    For non copyrighted personal photos of your ride only, did you go to the Photobucket website, register, post your pix, cut and paste the website location of the pix into your post? If you are having trouble, please advise and we will try to help...:)
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    Great advice from Hobbit.

    If that doesn't help and you still get a lot of bluing, your mixture could very well be to blame for bluing at the head of the pipe.

    Time for a little reverse thinking though. A hot (lean) mixture is not always to blame for this. Logic would have you believe that a hot engine would blue your pipes. Although a very rich mixture will send too much fuel out the pipe where it burns in the pipe, causing it to heat excessively and blue. What does your exhaust smell like under acceleration? Have a buddy ride behind your bike and give you a report.
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    One other thing, the metric companies have used double wall pipes for years...that is why you see so many old bikes with unblued chrome pipes. :D