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    On Aug 16th I posted the problem I had with the E plugs and galling the spark plug hole, got many replies on what I should do. I want to thank everyone for their input including the criticism the ole SeaDog listens and I've come up with a plan. With winter just around the corner I'm going to leave the champion plugs in and when the snow fly's I'll pull both heads fix the spark plug hole in the rear head and install larger intake valves (1.9") port the intakes to match a 51mm throttle body with matched intake manifold . Then have a new dyno tune done. Check my post on the power X wing results.
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    Any idea on what caused the galling? Is it an exotic metal and heat transfer properties? Have you contacted the manufacturer?
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    I think the reason for the galling was twofold 1. the engine was very hot from hours of running at high speed with high outside air temps. 2. like a dummy I didn't coat the plugs with copper coat prior to installing (I know better). 3. instead of being in a rush (because I was traveling) I should have let the engine cool longer then I did, the aluminum heads cools at a different rate then the stainless plug which was the major factor.

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    Air set at 40 lbs and blowing on the plug for a few minutes :small3d009:Will cool Off a plug Early on... Done ONLY when TIME was important.

    I have done this and it works.... YES to the dab of anti seize....

    Copper grease as fin uses... I have Both: CAT copper in a pint can and ??? silver in a Little tube...

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    It would be nice to have some photos and a wee write up of the repair on the rear cylinder head to add to the self help section if you have the time and a camera handy