Uneven Tyre wear?

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by Cruiser4, Apr 3, 2009.

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    I've been thinking for a while now that my bike leans over to the right and also rides into LH corners better than RH, so i asked my partner to follow me in the car. She tells me that it does lean over to the right, so when i got home i tried lining the wheels up with a straight plank of wood but quickly realised that this wasn't going to work because of the different thickness of tyres - Derrr!!

    Anyway, that's when i noticed my 200mm rear tyre is wearing quite a bit more on the right side than the left?

    Anyone got any ideas?
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  2. fin_676

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    if i was you id do some close checking of rear wheel alignment
    there should be a small hole in the swing arm forward of the Axel holes for a wheel alignment tool (bent wire coat hanger works) from the alignment hole measure distance to Axel centre on each side
    my guess is wheel pointing slightly to left at front making right side slightly leading edge

  3. Cruiser4

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    Thanks guys for the help, and the links were very useful.

    It turned out you were right Brian, the rear wheel was facing left giving a 25mm (1 inch) error at the front. I've corrected the problem now and the bike seems to ride upright OK, however she still doesn't want to come with me on the LH bends so I'm thinking that'll be down to the odd shaped tyre at the rear as a result of the bad alignment?

    I'm hoping a new tyre will close this out? Thanks again for the help.
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    Is it still under warranty? If it is they will replace the tire that has wore uneven as long as the rest of the tread is more than 3/32 deep:D
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    Also if you haven't all ready change your fork oil and make sure you have the same amount of oil in both your forks. When I change mine for the first time there was 1 1/2 oz. difference in the forks. She handles way better now. I don't know if the factory fills the forks or the dealer either way it was wrong when it was bran spankn' new.
  6. Cruiser4

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    I'm afraid it's just out of Warranty, but the fork oil sounds like one to check out?

    I also met up with Chuckles (another UK HD Talking member might i mention) who has a 2008 Fatboy, we swapped for a few miles and he got the same feeling on LH bends. I wanted a second opinion because i was starting to think it was me?
    Chuckles agreed it was deffinitely not me, he even suggested i should try carrying my wallet in my RH jeans back pocket to compensate?......Hmmm!!
  7. glider

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    I agree with the fork oil theory. It can cause some strange problems when one is low which I have seen a few times.

    In regards to the wallet theory, just visit the nearest dealer and it will not be a problem any longer, it will be much thinner.:D
  8. Cruiser4

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    LOL - my Mrs would agree with you on that score, she thinks i spend more on the Fatboy than on her? In fact i think it's time i treated her to something special, maybe a set of passenger boards for comfort? :newsmile090: