Tragedy in iowa

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    A couple of days ago there was a guy killed on his bike , he was riding a sport bike of some sort . Ankeny where i live has I35 running right next to it and a little south turns into 35 and 80 . Basically here is where it turns into 3 lanes both directions . People that saw the crash said the guy was passing at a very high rate of speed between the concrete median and the cars on the inside lane when he lost control and hit the concrete median . The impact was so servere that it split his helmet , his shoes came off and the leather jacket he was wearing split down the back , needless to say it was or he was a mess . Dead on the seen . Keep in mind the speed limit is 65 , most cars are going 75 so I would guess this guy was going 90 plus . With 3 lanes he should have been able to pass anyone with no trouble but decided to do the stupid thing and go off the lane inbetween the concrete and the cars wrong move . I usually say peolpe learn from their mistakes but this guy died from his . Unfortunate .
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    Sadly he wont be the last one to temp fate like this
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    Very sad. I hope his loved ones and friends recover quickly.

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    As a rider of a seriously dangerous vehicle (hey I have to say it) means that a rider has to accept the risk and develop his riding skills to match the ride and conditions. Sadly, he sounds like a young rider, who had not developed his skill to match the "racer image" in his mind of where his skill and bike were at. It also means that freedom of choice is a judgement, even if it was a poor one. Not good for him or his family and friends. :bigsmiley15:

    This is where IPDE process is learned when taking a beginner motorcycle course...I = Identify hazard & conditions, P = Predict and plan a course of action, D = Decide on appropriate response and E = Execute...when all this happens too fast (90mph closing speed becomes split-seconds) that decision had better be right...which is why a race track where all the traffic is going the same direction, and conditions are more "correct" for the dialed in speed, (with Med-Evac close at hand). Sad he made that silly call to dial up inappropriate speed for traffic and road conditions...:newsmile061:
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    Very sad indeed. I feel sorry for his family and friends that will have to deal with his poor judgement. :bigsmiley15:
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    You see alot of those actions with crotch rocket type bikes. I dont even like to ride in organized events anymore because those riders are unsafe and it creates a stressful ride. THINK SAFETY
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    Man, I haven't heard this term since going through ERC back in 1988. They must've modified it a bit b/c I remember "SIPDE" being Scan, Idendify, Predict, Decide & Execute. Either way - the process works - I use it every ride. Guess this poor rider didn't follow this theory - or was never trained. Sad deal for family & friends!!!
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    Every time I see an article in the paper about a motorcyclist being killed I read it. I will say that most of time the cyclist wasn't able to make the curve,or it was about 2:30am when he lost control. I think we all know what is going on at that time of the morning, heading home from the bars. I agree that it seems to be more of the younger riders on sport bikes out there getting crazy. As said before, pay attention out there...
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    Very sad to say the least. His family will be in our prays.
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    I hate to see anyone get hurt on a motorcycle, especially when it's brought on by their own poor judgement.

    My sympathies go out to his family and friends. I'm sure he'll be missed :(