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    TQ did a roller chain conversion, Andrews N21, and installed the Dobeck TFI-1040ST and did a great job with the documentation and the pictures.

    Roller chain conversion is PN 25284-08; $361 plus shipping and cam spacers from Zanotti's or another online discount dealer.

    Posted by TQ...
    Here is the saga of this project. I put it on photobucket.com at Glider's suggestion. That works great!! The link below is to the slide show. I suggest pausing the show and then clicking through the photos. If you "mouse over" the text, a text bubble will pop out with the whole text that may not appear with the photo. Cheers!

    Image hosting, free photo sharing video sharing at Photobucket

    Here's a listing of the parts that TQ used for this job.

    Herko Parts List

    John Wadsworth
    812 923 9027

    Just a note:
    TQ mentioned that if you are interested in purchasing this kit from Herko ( John Wadsworth) to mention HD Talking when you contact John and there may be a consideration given to forum members when ordering the kit.
    From John...
    There's been a small price increase on a few of the items listed.
    I Wanted your members to have the latest information.
    Kit price remains the same.

    Thanks again,

    Thanks goes to TQ for an excellent job documenting this conversion!

    Here's another source for this modification...

    Cam Chain Tensioner Bearing Swap. - Harley Davidson Community

    Also a tech article to show more of how it's done.

    H-D's Hydraulic Tensioner and Oil Pump Upgrade

    And another one:

    Andrews' Cams in Twin Cam with Late Model Cam Plate
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