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    To do a head and base gasket removal,what tools do I need to do the job on the 80 cubic evo. Where is the best place to buy the tools. thank you.
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    As I am in the UK shopping for tools will be different and perhaps some of the tool names will differ
    Most important tool is a workshop manual
    2 x sets of combination spanners
    socket set with wobble extensions
    suitable socket for the head bolts
    set of screwdrivers with flat and cross head including stubby screwdrivers
    2 x sets Allen keys one set for cutting up for the short ones you may need some sort of cutting tool for cutting the Allen keys could be dremmel / angle grinder /hack saw files for tiding the edges
    gasket scrapers
    rubber mallet
    gasket scrapers
    torque wrench
    Fuel can & a length of suitable hose for draining the tank
    Barrier cream and hand cleanser shop towels and rags
    Penetrating fluid
    Remember tools can be used many times over the better tools will last longer cheap tools can break on first use or damage the fastener I still use my fathers socket set he bought it about 50 years ago and used it on many projects I have had it 25 years now
    There may be some stuff I have not covered but other members will I am sure add to the list

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    The funny looking bolt heads require 12 point sockets. 12 point sockets will work on 6 sided hex bolts, but 6 point sockets won't work on 12 point fasteners. Buy 12 point sockets initially.
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    Don't forget loctite. Both red and blue. Use where the manual says to. Also copper coat gasket spray. Two coats total on the entire gasket. Let each coat dry before assembly. This is a must in my opinion to insure an almost guaranteed seal when cylinders are torqued correctly. Buddy of mine is an Indy v twin mechanic and has never had a base gasket leak using James gaskets along with copper coat spray.
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    Torque wrench is your best friend:s