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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by hapbob, Nov 14, 2009.

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    I bought my Street Glide used. It has no tool kit? Where was it kept when it was there? So do I buy a Harley tool kit or is there a nice kit someone can suggest.. for the Harley?
    I saw nothing in the tips page...

    and every time I want to ask a question and go to the tips page I start reading about a whole new topic that looks informative and I forget why I went to the tips page in the first place!
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    Smitty's right, my 09 SG tool kit has about 10-pieces & works for "very minor" fixes. You're going to check the bike before every ride so your shop/garage tools are available for any mid-major problems. If you want piece-of-mind; go to your HD dealder & see if they have one available, or buy after-market. Dennis Kirk has a nice one for $95 (, Cruz Tools Roadtech H3 tool kit).

    BTW, I'm also retured USAF (COMM weenie)...enjoy ADAF retirement. I went right back to work in the CS doing IT management.
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    My 09 came w/a basic tool kit. I think that you got ripped off. I would ask who you bought it from if they still have it. It is just a basic kit, but none the less better than nothing. You will eventually put more tools in it anyway. I have that tool roll plus another that I put together plus allen wrenches. If you can't get the one that came with the bike. You could always buy a windzone one, they are pretty nice from what I've seen. Good luck.
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    hapbob!go to CruzTOOLS - Highly Functional Tools and Tool Kits for Motorcyclists and Musicians and there is a link to a chart that lists all the tools included in there tool kits.they have kits for metric as well as harleys and a couple diffrent options on most kits. i copied the list for one of the more complete kits and started finding my own tools locally.once i had what i thought i needed i found a nylon shaving kit bag with a top zipper and used that to stash my tools.i probably spent about the same as if i bought the kit from them but it was kind of fun searching and i was able to customize the tool list as i seen fit.i did get a real nice tool roll from Summit Racing - High Performance Car and Truck Parts l 800-230-3030
    that was a real was one of my best finds and it keeps the combo wrenches in order and from rattling around.also craftsman has some clear plastic tubes for screws and nails etc that have rubber end caps that slide on and off.i used one of them for the misc small stuff together. p.s. the cruiz tools kits are listed under the top left links under powersports,hd. the tool roll was a 12 pocket in red for $3.99
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    the ultras come with a pretty decent kit. i think i opened it once when

    i bought the bike to see what was in there.

    breaking down is not like it used to be with cell phones. everyone has one.

    i remember breaking down in the middle of pennsylvania coming back from

    indy, middle of nowhere, at night coil went bad. sat on the side of the road

    all night and till 3 in the afternoon before some one would stop. (it didnt used

    to be all "o, lets stop and help the nice motorcycle rider guy" in this country)

    long hair, blue jeans, leather jacket and a harley meant you got less then

    any form of respect from the general public
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    none of my bikes came with a yool kit so i went out and bought a selection of tools a tool roll and a tool bag to hang on the forks along with the tools i carry spare known working spark plugs spare fuses and some bulbs and some zip ties some common sizes of nuts and bolts

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    None of our 2008 Softails came with toolkits.As a Tradesman and l- o -n -g time bike ride rider and mechanical tinker-er,i have a varied and eclectic collection of tools.My Japanese,Italian and British bikes came equipped with toolkits;however primitive and inadequate.My Japanese cars came with some tools.

    I think it shows H-D's arrogance that they dont deign to provide even basic tools.But they will,however,sell you some for a "great" price.
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    Try the Windzone EK 1HD. Nice tool kit in a pouch for under $50.00. I've gotten a lot of use from mine. Nice kit to carry with you. You can search the web for Windzone, but I got mine off ebay.
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