Tires for Ultra Classic

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 67wizard, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. 67wizard

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    Has anybody tried the replacement tires for the 09 and 2010 UC ? The tires I'am talking about are the Dunlop American Elite HD replacement front tire.
    I have found them on the web for $121.99. The best deal I have found for the Dunlop D408F 130/8oB17 Slim white stripe -17" is around $163.76 free shipping. Just woundering how they hold up for wear milage wise? I hate to spend $163.00 when I can spend $122.00 plus I can get them from a non HD shop. Thanks.
  2. sanka

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    I have not tried the tires you have listed,But i did put the cobra venom 180 on the rear at 22,000 miles so far i still like the stock Dunlop ALOT better,this one looks like a sport bike tire,and i am almost ready at 3,000 miles to take it off and go back to the stock one.2010 ultra classic
  3. Ole Dawg

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    They are the same tire only in blackwall. I bought them as I don't need whitewall's to clean.For me it's a great saving, others would pay even more for the whitewall's because that's what they like. Just a matter of choice,quality,compounds & construction the same.:hii
  4. ChopperDoc

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    Just an opinion. Next tire change, try a set of Metzlers - Made the change and I will never run any other brand. I honestly believe my bikes ride and handle better. More bucks, but more bang.