Thundermax Digital Speedo

Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Product Review' started by biscuit, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. biscuit

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    Does anyone have any experience with the Digital Speedo by Zippers?
    You know,the one that plugs in directly in lieu of the H-D item.It gives revs,afr's,engine temps;all sorts of interesting things.

    I'm interested to know if it has a GLASS face,or if the speedo face is;exposed to the elements.Because it uses a touch screen to change speedo variables,i'm left wondering how it would do that through a glass face.

    Any info would be a help.
    Thanks guys.
  2. Thorns

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    I have the same question...looks like it will never get answered.

  3. biscuit

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    Thanks Hobbit,i now know.Gave up on any replies (none)and went ahead and bought one anyway.I'd already fitted a T/max with Autotune about 14 months ago and that and the Digital speedo interface well together.,(lovely word that,interface.)

    I can check battery volts,head temps,h.p figures,fuel consumption and best of all,front and rear AFR'S as i ride down the road.

    The biggest downside is that the digital speedo numbers,and the LED tachometer are almost invisible in bright sunlight.

    I'm now sort of considering the digital speedo/radial analogue tacho on the 2010 CVO Softail Convertible.Ialso threw a question about that one out there,but have no feedback to date.I have seen about 10 seconds of one working on youtube,but nothing beats feedback from someone who uses one on a regular basis.