Thoughts on my first year back on a bike

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Cpt.FancyPants, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Cpt.FancyPants

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    In March 08 I bought my first HD in 25 years. My last was a 83 sporty,sure wish i still had it.
    The fltr i bought in 08 was a big purchase and i was a bit skeptical at first. hoping i wouldn't be in the shop like i have read so many have. Since day one i have rode the poo out of the 08 fltr and have been so danm pleased with its performance. The only issue i ever had was the high idle. this i found to be more of operator error than anything. I just make sure bike has idled down before i shut her down. It burns no oil,makes no funky noises,and handles like a dream.
    I have done the last 2 services and use M1 syn in the motor,Specrto in the trans, formula+ in the primary. all on the advice from the great people of this forum.
    As of today i have racked up 17,800 mles in 13 months.Not to shabby for Orygun and SW washington.The only time i didn't ride was Dec (snow).I did ride in 20 deg weather and in the rain. Thanks to my full FXRG outfit, but next winter im getting some heatted stuff. The bike rides great in the rain.

    And lastly i have kept the bike stock.

    Thanks for all the advice and ride safe guys and gals
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Gee, a bike with stock air filter, fuel map, and pipes has almost made it to 20,000 miles without self destucting. It's an absolute miracle! :p
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    08 Street Glide 18 months old just over 24,000 miles, no problems, not all stock, Rush Slip ons, SE intake, Power Comander, SE plug wires,HID headlight and last but not least a 4" Wind Vest windshield. You might say I'm happy with it :bigsmiley14:
  4. martin14

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    Was off scoots for 12 years, got back on a year ago myself.
    Sure feels good :)

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    Dr D. your in good company CFP another happy user of a stock machine... HD better be careful if whatever you two have is contagious, could make them have to rethink their entire marketing strategy. :D

    Honestly, the EPA intrusion into the MOCO OEM design, though real in many ways, does not detract from the fact that HD is still a very special rider experience that serves those who own one very well.:cheers