This could of been bad.

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by FXDFCharlie, May 23, 2010.

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    I went for a wonderful 200 mile ride this afternoon on my 2009 fxdf. I filled up, after getting back into town, a couple of miles from my house. On the way home I was cruising at about 35mph, coming down a hill, and had to decelerate rapidly for a changing light. I by no means was near skidding, but I was braking with force, almost to a stop, when I hit a bump. Gas sloshed out of my tank and onto my tank/speedo, handlebars, windshield etc. It was on my hand and arm. A little bit ricocheted back on my shirt and in my face. The gas sloshed as I came to a complete stop, so I watched it run down my tank and onto my engine and pipes.
    I immediately checked my gas cap and it was tight. I always turn it until it clicks two or three times. My tank was full, but I don't think it was overfilled. I put just over 4gal in a 5gal tank. My fuel range was less than 10 miles left. I stopped a bit below the filler neck.
    I just read one of Gliders posts about a safety recall on several fx models "which may have been produced with a defective ultrasonic weld on the anti-slosh valve". My bike fits the production year, but not the dates of manufacture in question. Mine was built in 06-09 according to the frame vin plate. The known defects were 07/2008 (and only for 3 days). 349 bikes were recalled for this defect.
    Sorry for this long ramble. I will call the number Glider so graciously provided with his recall notice, and the dealer.
    Could this have been human (rider) error? It seems to me that even if I overfilled the tank it shouldn't slosh out. I am almost certain the cap was tight. I want to test the cap and "fuel tank vent tube assembly". If I lean the bike (with help) will gas leak out? Should I remove the tank and tip it instead? Should I wait until Tuesday when the dealer opens? It's going to be nice tomorrow and Monday and I want to ride, but not if I'm not safe.
    I would guess that a little less than a 1/2 cup sloshed out. That is more than enough to have burned me badly had it flashed. I want to understand what happened so that it doesn't happen again. Thanks!
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    If you were to fill the tank to the brim, tighten the cap, and accelerate the bike hard, would any gas come out near the fuel cap.?
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    It never has before, accelerating or decelerating. In the last couple of days I thought I smelled gas while idling, but not too strong. This seems new. I have put 7000 miles on this bike in 6 months. I would have noticed. I am ocd about getting gas on the tank. It has not leaked previously. The recall mentions a weld failing. Maybe mine just failed.
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    Glad it didn't catch fire. Where is this anti-slosh valve? In the tank or Cap?
    I have noticed when I fill up, if I put downward pressure on the cap it seals better. (Kinda like those child prof medicine caps) The racheting mechenism in the cap seems to activate too soon IMHO & the fuel caps don't get tight enough. This is when the downward pressure helps.
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    Glad you and the bike are OK. Yes, it could have been very bad.
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    FXDFCharlie; wow, that could've been bad if it turned into "Flaming eXtreme Dyna Fueling Charlie's scoot"...;)

    Did the gas come up through the breather/vent tube? I'd call your dealer & let them see if something's wrong - maybe your bike should also be under the recall.
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    What did the dealer end up telling about this issue?? I have a 2010 Fat Bob and experienced a similar condition while on a long ride the other weekend. I have to bring it in for the 1000 Mile check up and will bring the gas splash issue up.
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    Got splashed with gas one time after (over)filling tank to the top and accelerating faster than I usually would from a dead stop. Have since done what HarryB suggest every time I fill up and it has not happened again. I think the extra downward pressure does the trick also.