The "LESS" Century

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    The "LESS" Century

    *Our Phones ~ Wireless

    *Cooking ~ Fireless

    *Cars ~ Keyless

    *Food ~ Fatless

    *Tires ~ Tubeless

    *Dress ~ Sleeveless

    *Youth ~ Jobless

    *Leaders ~ Shameless

    *Relationships ~ Meaningless

    *Attitude~ Careless

    *Wives ~ Fearless

    *Babies ~ Fatherless

    *Feelings ~ Heartless

    *Education ~ Valueless

    *Children ~ Mannerless

    *Politicians ~ Gutless

    Everything is becoming LESS

    BUT still our hopes are ~ ENDLESS.

    All this, quite frankly, leaves me ~ Speechless!!
  2. Nikko684

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    lol nice one! SO true too...
  3. glazier

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    I will have to respectfully disagree with you on that. Several of those are not true at all, or at least only partially true, but if partially true, then also partially false. For example, "relationships - meaningless"??? C'mon. I've been in a relationship for the past 10 months. Best relationship I've ever been in. There is NO way I'd call this meaningless. We're perfect for each other. While "A match made in heaven" sounds so cliche, we both believe our match truly was. "education - valueless"??? Really??? My daughter is graduating nursing school today after 6 yrs. of college. Not all nursing related, but finally graduating. Unless you've been around a nursing school student, you have no idea how intense the past 2 yrs. of school have been for her. I'd have to say her education is anything but valueless. Ask the patients she's been helping during her intern work at the local hospitals to see if they agree. "Children - mannerless". Depends on the parents. I agree that a lot of kids today have no manners or respect for their elders, neither do a lot of adults, which is why their kids are raised that way. I still see a lot of kids with manners. I could continue but I think you get the point. I understand this was just supposed to be humor, but I had to write my rebuttal from an opposing view point.
    And on that note, it's time to get ready to go be a proud papa and watch my daughter walk across the stage and get her diploma. A very happy day for me :D
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    no, no Glazier, of course its not all true lol. But a lot of it is. I think what the joke is trying to show is the overall status of todays society. For instance, while you and I might have great relationships with our wives/GF's, it has become socially acceptable and almost even expected of a person to go through MANY girlfriends and wives before finding the right one. Too many times now will you see a young couple get married only to divorce 2 or 3 years later. I personally have a friend that got divorced after only a month!! So when that becomes socially acceptable to most people as it has, that what the joke refers to. people like us, who grew up prior to the 90's have a solid life foundation and believe in some core principles that these kids nowadays do not have.
    As for the education, I would think the joke refers to the K-12 grades. Now in school there is no more pledge of allegiance, no more prayer(Unless your muslim then its ok) no more rifle teams or firearm safety classes, and if a child failed a subject, he just keeps recycling through, then after so many recycles they just pass him anyway to get rid of him. Certain Historical subjects have been removed from textbooks because they are either "too violent" or "too racist" for our kids to learn about. Children no longer know what it means to truly make an accomplishment. Now kids get trophies even if they lose!! (here son, you did your best, that's an achievement in itself) I mean c'mon man! When I was a kid, if I lost a baseball game, all I did everyday for the next month was practice baseball or I got grounded! the whole team! then when we won a game we would celebrate with pizza, not a trophy! kids have a HUGE sense of entitlement these days. (Education - meaningless) it sure is. especially if the common core curricula stays in place.

    Although, glazier, it is a joke. Not meant to mean that it applies to any one of us individually, but rather most of todays society, mostly the youth. I do think that even though it's a joke, it's mostly true. JMO lol
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    I don't get wireless phones.If someone told me,in the future we'll all use a phone that has horrible reception,and cuts out on you,you'd think it would never make it to the consumer.There wasn't a single time when I used the phone growing up,that it didn't work properly. Now everyone thinks lousy or no reception is ok and normal.Stereos too.The computer speakers we listen to are awful.When I was a kid,you saved for a Marantz receiver,and some speakers,and they were great.I don't think my sons have ever even heard a decent stereo system.
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    The sad part of it all with the speed of light that most have to live their lives by, and the disrespect that they show towards others to get to the head of the line, I think that we forget about the big picture, that at the end the results are all the same 6 feet under and toes to the sky. Most need to slow down a bit and smell the roses and enjoy the human interaction that is almost non existent thanks to the electronic age we live in.....:bigsmiley33:
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    Also very true. (But I do love my video games!!) LOL