The Good and Bad of New rubber!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by whacko, Jun 27, 2011.

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    Well I finally got a chance to put some miles on the new set of Dunlop K591's. Here is the good and bad:

    Feel like I can flick my dyna into corners now. My old tires were pretty flat on the bottom due to amount of freeway riding I do and getting on some turns with new rubber is awesome. I can equate it to the feeling you get playing baseball and warming up your swing with a donut weight.....take the weight off the bat and the bat feels light as a feather. I had the same feeling with the bike.....barely push the bars and you are banking a corner.

    Riding 2 up on new rubber. Took my son on a benefit ride for Molly Bish foundation yesterday. The old tires were flattened on the bottom so when my passenger got fidgety I could barely notice it. Now with the new rounder profile when my boy shifts his weight I can really feel the bike move around! Had to tell him to sit still!

    Anyway......the ride for the Molly Bish foundation was great. Had a great weekend of riding!

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    Hey whacko,

    Where I changed out my Rear tire on my 00 FXDS, the guy would ask me Laughingly "Do you ever do the corners or just ride on straight roads?"

    The round will wear-off in time and be Flat soon enough....

    Now you want to fidget? Put the son in front and you on the back and You'll fidget even more than he did...:bigsmiley8:

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    yeah tell me about it! He wants me to buy him a mini bike or a dirt bike already! He's only 9 and I have pix of him sitting on the thing and he is almost tall enough to reach all the controls already!

    But the new tires are great! On the old ones I still had 8/32 on the edges and down to 2/32 in the bottom! Lots of highway cruisin!
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    There's nothing like getting your kid in the wind, especially is they are interested.:)
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    I had read about the Molly Bish foundation Ride in the paper. Glad you had a good time.