Texas State Inspection, Required?

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    I just picked up a used bike so I am new to this game. Do I need to get the bike inspected? The registration was way past due according to my title transfer person so I have to assume the inspection would be past due as well. Where is the sticker supposed to be located? If there is an inpection, are there certain places that will do bikes or does any state inspection station do them? Certainly I dont want that 19 year old high school drop out driving my bike around testing the brakes and what have you. He is as likely to jam it into another car as get it back to me safely. Maybe the HD dealer does this?

    Located in Texas in case you missed the title.
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    Yes you will need to inspect, and they don't have to ride the bike to do it. You can get it done at a dealer or any indy that is registered to do it. I actually found a local garage that did both bikes and cars and had it done in a few minutes. You can put the sticker in various places on the bike most common is below the plate.
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    Inspection is annual and you have to have proof of insurance just like a cage.

    I'm not positive but I think the current law says the sticker must be by the plate.
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    Most certified TX inspection places will do bikes too. Just make sure they have some bike stickers before they start. The inspection is still pretty superficial - lights, signals, horn, etc. But as said above, you will need proof of insurance to get it done. Usually, there will be an aluminum or other metal plate angled along your rear fender from behind the license plate. This is the inspection sticker plate. See here:

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    I've had mine inspected at the local quickee oil change spot. They made me do the brake test while they watched, but otherwise it was the basic lights, horn, everything look OK kind of inspection. One of my buddies had to put baffles back into his slip-ons to pass his inspection, so they may not pass you if your pipes are too loud. I think that just depends on the inspector. As for location of the sticker, my dealer installed a plate on mine just below the primary cover when I purchased the bike new. So far, I've had no hassles with it there. I think the main thing is it has to be visible, but not necessarily by the license plate. I've also seen some people attach them to their windshield.

    Cost is less than for a cage because there is no emissions testing. I can't remember exactly, but I think the cost on my last one was around $13.
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    TRC §548.255.
    (a) An inspection certificate shall be attached to or produced for a vehicle in the manner required by department rule.
    (b) The department shall:
    (1) require that a certificate for a motorcycle be attached to the rear of the motorcycle near the license plate; and
    (2) adopt rules with respect to display of an inspection certificate for a moped.

    This is from the Texas Department of Public Safety.
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    Haven't had a problem with where mine is located....yet. Guess I'll have the good fortune one of these days to run into one of our less approachable public officials that will take exception, and will then have to clutter up the rear end.
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    Florida used to have a vehicle inspection that required you to go to a vehicle inspectin station. It was such a pain that the state stopped vehicle inspections about 25 years ago. As usual the safety people cried and whined about the danger, carnage on the road, Highway Patrol opposed, etc. To date there hasn't been one accident attributed to a formally inspected safety requirement. There are less one eyed cars, etc. Cars and motorcycles are just made too good today to be a safety problem on the road. Fossil

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    The so-called vehicle inspection for re-registration of used vehicles is basically a formality to ensure the bike frame, engine code etc. match, as well as general safety inspection of the horn, signals, lights, mirror and the like. It is also a good excuse to charge new owner the "catch-up" registration fees (in California anyway) if the original owner did not pay yearly registration due or claim "Exempt - Out of Service" (not used on public road status).

    This is not like the EPA, Fed, State or Local regulatory inspection i.e. Smog, Noise etc.