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    This is a hoot .... Sad, because it is TRUE ..... But a hoot!!!!
    By the time you read through this YOU WILL UNDERSTAND

    In order to continue getting-by in America (our home land), we all need to learn the NEW English language! Practice by reading the following conversation until you are able to understand the term "TENJOOBERRYMUDS".

    With a little patience, you'll be able to fit right in.
    Now, here goes...

    The following is a telephone exchange between maybe you as a hotel guest and call room-service somewhere in the good old U S A today.......

    Room Service : "Morrin. Roon sirbees."

    Guest : "Sorry, I thought I dialed room-service."

    Room Service: " Rye . Roon sirbees...morrin! Joowish to oddor sunteen???"

    Guest: "Uh..... Yes, I'd like to order bacon and eggs.."

    Room Service: "Ow July den?"

    Guest: ".....What??"

    Room Service: "Ow July den?!?... Pryed, boyud, poochd?"

    Guest: "Oh, the eggs! How do I like them? Sorry.. Scrambled, please."

    Room Service: "Ow July dee baykem? Crease?"

    Guest: "Crisp will be fine."

    Room Service: "Hokay. An Sahn toes?"

    Guest: "What?"

    Room Service: "An toes. July Sahn toes?"

    Guest: "I... Don't think so."

    RoomService: "No? Judo wan sahn toes???"

    Guest: "I feel really bad about this, but I don't know what 'judo wan sahn toes' means."

    RoomService: "Toes! Toes!...Why Joo don Juan toes? Ow bow Anglish moppin we bodder?"

    Guest: "Oh, English muffin!!! I've got it! You were saying 'toast'... Fine...Yes, an English muffin will be fine."

    RoomService: "We bodder?"

    Guest: "No, just put the bodder on the side."

    RoomService: "Wad?!?"

    Guest: "I mean butter... Just put the butter on the side."

    RoomService: "Copy?"

    Guest: "Excuse me?"

    RoomService: "Copy...tea..meel?"

    Guest: "Yes. Coffee, please... And that's everything."

    RoomService: "One Minnie. Scramah egg, crease baykem, Anglish moppin, we bodder on sigh and copy .... Rye ??"

    Guest: "Whatever you say.."

    RoomService: "Tenjooberrymuds."

    Guest: "You're welcome"

    Remember I said "By the time you read through this YOU WILL UNDERSTAND 'TENJOOBERRYMUDS' ".......and you do, don't you!
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    Ain't that the way. Good one

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    That was how the exchange went when I called technical support...and the Tech Center was OFFSHORE...after 5 minutes, I decided I would fix the problem myself...and wondered how some companies actually CHARGE for customer service BY THE MINUTE...!
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    Chew berry elcom :D

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    I maybe the exception here but I always make telemarketers repeat them selves even if I do understand them. very few actually speak English and most are calling from off shore . If I need tech support and the person can`t speak properly I ask for some one else.
    Not trying to slam anyone but I find talking to people from the deep south is confusing, I will usually ask where they are from,then I just adjust my listening to take in their drawl. I find it works for friends & customers from around the world.