tappet screen oil restriction

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    Hi my name is Nick Im new here and Ive been riding for about 15 years.

    I have an 1985 fxrp that that was just rebuilt with an ss big bore kit taking it from 80ci to almost 88 ci. We used a new ultima oil pump, Andrews cam ev 27,new Jims powerglide tappets and lifter blocks and I believe screamin eagle adjustable push rods. the only way we can get oil to rocker arms is if we remove the tappet screen. When we do that oil flows like it should but when we put a brand new screen in after inspecting the hole where it goes we lose oiling to the top end. Any Ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: tappet screen iol restriction

    Any luck finding your problem yet?

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    Re: tappet screen iol restriction

    Could the new screen have lacker on it causing the holes to be closed?

    Take a little needle to check screen,,,, MIGHT be the problem.

    What weight oil?

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    Re: tappet screen iol restriction

    When the OP says that the "oil flows like it should" without the tappet screen, just for my own education how much oil should there be flowing? Can you have too much flow to the rocker arms?
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    Re: tappet screen iol restriction

    The Tappet screen gets direct feed pressure first then on thru the tappet blocks, I would be looking at the tappets and the oil pump, checking the pump gasket to engine clearance:s