Switchback foot control setup on an 08 FXDC possible?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by ChiroRick, May 6, 2012.

  1. ChiroRick

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    Sat on a switchback today, and I really like the floorpans/forward control type setup. I've never been a fan of the forward controls, but this felt different. I'd like the same setup on my 08 FXDC...is it basically a forward control kit with a floorboard kit? Or is it something else? I currently have the standard mid-controls.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    I looked at a red one today, it is a Dyna so my guess is it could be made to work, Fxdp floor boards can be made to fit if you can find them, I had a part number posted here some where:s FXD Floorboard Kit | 531-750 | JP Cycles
  3. sgmfisher

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    Jack, how much trouble would it be to put these on a '06 Wide Glide?? In the wind.

  4. Dswartz

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    Installation would require the removal of the primary. If you are comfortable doing that then the rest of the job should be a breeze. Just a bunch of nuts and bolts.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    http://www.oysterquartz.net/J01921.pdf Have a look at this, my understanding is these parts are hard to come by:s
  6. FatBobRob2009

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    I looked very carefully at doing the same thing on my 2009 Fat Bob. Here is what I discovered:

    - Left side Switchback shift controls would bolt on exactly.
    - Right side brake control would likewise bolt on EXCEPT ...
    - The mufflers on the FXDF sit about 3/4 inches further outboard compared to the switchback thus the footboard would interfere with the muffler. To correct that a 3/4 inch shim at the frame mount would be required to move the switchback right side control further outboard.
    - The shim would then require the forward end of the rear brake push rod be brought 3/4 inch outboard as well. I don't know if there is sufficient play at the master cylinder so that no modification to the rod is required, or maybe the rod would need to be bent out a bit, or something else.
    - All of the above sounds perfectly solvable until you measure the spacing between the mounts on the switchback's forward and rear footboard brackets. On the switchback, they are exactly 10 inches and on my FXDF (where those mounts actually exist, plugged with something), those mounts are 10.25 inches apart. On both sides. So the floorboard brackets, whose spacing is determined by their mounts on the underside of the floorboard, will not mate with the mounts on the FXDF frame.

    I concluded I need custom fabrication of boards and/or brackets to make it work.

    You should perform similar measurements on your FXDC and see if the same issues exist with your frame. Check muffler clearance to the floorboard, spacing of the frame mounts, and compatibility of the controls.
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