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    Indiana PGR
    SW Indiana
    Ride To Remember
    May 15/16, 2010, Evansville, IN

    For the last 3 years the SW contingent of the Indiana Patriot Guard Riders has honored those solders who have fallen in either Iraq of Afghanistan and which the PGR was invited to attend their funerals. This year we are honoring 13 solders. We will be joined at each grave site by family members where a memorial service will be held. Please join us in honoring these solders.

    Saturday May 15, 2010
    Assembly 0900 CST. Location 1212 St. George Rd, Evansville, IN. (just West of US 41 on St. George Road)

    SPC William A. Jeffries, IANG, 39 Evansville, IN
    PFC Darren A. DeBlanc, USA, 20 Evansville, IN
    Jacen Beck, INANG, 35, Evansville, IN
    SGT Jimmy Shawn Lee, USMC, 26 Mt. Vernon, IN
    CPL Willard M. Powell, USA, 21 Evansville, IN
    PFC Jonathan R. Pfender, USA, 22 Evansville, IN
    SGT Brock A. Babb, USMC, 40 Evansville, IN
    LCPL James E. Brown, USMC, 20 Owensville, IN

    Ride Distance: 70 Miles

    Sunday May 16, 2010
    Assembly 0900 CST. American Red Cross, 29 S. Stockwell Rd, Evansville, IN
    Just South of the Lloyd Expressway and Stockwell. Note: Google maps places the location North of the Lloyd, this is incorrect.

    SGT Joseph Ford, INARNG, 23 Knox IN
    SPC Jared Arnn,* USA, 21 Boonville, IN
    CPL Eric R. Lueken, USMC, 23 Dubois, IN
    SFC David Moore. INARNG, 42 Dubois, IN
    Seaman Apprentice Shayna Ann Schnell, USN, 19 Tell City, IN

    Ride Distance is approximately 117 miles from Evansville to Gatchel In (Tell City)

    Individuals wishing to meet up in Dubois, IN we expect to arrive at 2:30 EST.
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    Awesome!!! Bless all of those that have served or are serving now. Thank you all! And thank you PGR for your patriotism!