Sturgis 2011

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  1. BigG

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    Any updates from Sturgis. How was the weather ?
  2. Merlynn

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    Not as nice as last year, (which was ideal). We arrived the wednesday before the rally started, we were about 20 miles east of Rapid City on I90 when we encountered gusty winds from an approaching T-Storm which did it's best to knock me off the road and into the median. Never worked so hard to keep a bike upright in my life. The rain had some hail in it which left bruises on my wifes arm before we managed to get off the road and find some shelter. During the rally the weather was generally great in the am with scattered Thunder storms in the afternoon. Just had to watch the radar reports and pick your rides accordingly. Still a good turnout although vendors and locals told me attendance was down from last year. but as I said, last years rally was perfect!
  3. BigG

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    Still sounds fun. I was there three years ago when the hail storm ripped through the full throttle saloon and Sturgis proper. Some people got killed on I90.

    Actually 2 years ago at the 69th. Tru Tv has it on film.
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  4. Jack Klarich

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    We had Hail and rain one day, one thing about the Black hills , The weather can change quickly. I remember the hail storm in 93 on Friday the 13th, I have pictures of the hail still on the ground between our tents the next day
  5. Lefty

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    Got back yesterday. Arrived on Thursday and left on Tuesday. Had a great time
    Rode 2500 miles and missed the rain. Had wet roads twice. Stopped at the Harley Museum. Went to a Brewers game. They have a Harley Deck with special parking next to the building.Ticket includes buffet and the parking.
  6. masher

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    Arrived on Friday, the 5th and left the 12th. Weather was generally great except for the rain on the 9th during our ride to Custer State Park. We stayed in Whitewood at the Iron Horse Inn which was nearly perfect. 5 miles from Sturgis, easy access to I-90, Deadwood, etc. Attendance was down this year, but it was still a blast!
  7. TCSTD

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    We got there on the 6th and left on the 14th and I guess we were two of the lucky ones because we had good riding weather. I will admit that we were also lucky because what stormy weather that we had happened after we had stopped for the evening. We were able to watch the thunder, lightening and hail from the comfort of our room. When we decided to ride, the weather seem to cooperate with us and we enjoyed our time there and we plan on going again some time. Having never been there before, we didn't know the pros and cons of Sturgis so we could look at it in a different way than those that had been there before.
  8. sharpscuba

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    Glad that you enjoyed your little stay here in the home of Harley Davidson. Yes Harley riders / bikes in general do have a few perks here in town when it comes to party doings. Labor day will be a good time for those that can make it. All four dealers, the fair grounds , the plants and both Brady street and water street will have lots of things going on.
  9. BigG

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    I will plan to be there labor day.
  10. lorne

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    ok Jack you let the cat out of the bag this time......lets see the pics :D