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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by harvey13118, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. harvey13118

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    Found several comments under "SEARCH" with good ideas.

    Bought 05 Heritage and changing fluids lot of case material came out with trans drain plug. I retapped and run a die on plug. Currently the temp fix is working but know 3-4 threads left are weak.

    Saw where thread sert used to fix vs helicoil. I've ordered thread sert system.

    I need thoughts how to prevent filings from getting up inside or remaining up inside the case.

    Use grease on tools to collect? That a good idea did it work?
    Cogger up a plug for filler hole and use reduced air pressure to pressurize trans.

    I saw where others flushed. I can not get my arms around how that whould work unless you can get all the way around bottom of trans.

    Maybe overfill with very light oil? Run level on jack then pull drain plug?

    Maybe those fine aluminum chips or filings won't hurt anything.

    Thanks in advance. All ideas appreciated since I really do not want to remove trans to do this.
  2. TripleJ

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    I made sure to flush my tranny real well when I did mine but really like your idea of using air to pressurize the system. You can get a pencil type air gun that the end unscrews to regulate the air pressure, that way you could just stick it in the dipstick hole and turn it on low without over pressurizing the system.
  3. bobwire

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    put some grease up in the plug hole shavings can't go past. clean often while drilling and tapping
  4. rodinbangor

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    Does anyone know what size Time-Sert you need to fix a stripped drain plug hole on a six speed tranny ? I inherited my '07 Deuce with the plug held in with Loctite, and I'd really like to get it fixed properly without resorting to the Stealers.....
    Any help much appreciated.....
  5. TripleJ

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    1/2 - 20 is the correct size and the part number for the kit is 0122.

    Good luck with the repairs, mine has been holding up without any issue since doing the Time-Sert repair.
  6. bcortani

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    Are you sure the plug with Locktite is the right plug? My understanding is that is a secondary plug that is factory sealed with locktite and could crack the case if you remove. I am not a mechanic but have read other posts that state that, check with your shop manual to make sure you are going to remove the right plug. Good luck.:cheers
  7. Porter

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    I have never had to do this but while I was drilling and tapping I would have a buddy stand there with my shop vac running and the crevice tool snoot as close as possible to the work. Then I would fill the system, take it for a short spin and then drain it. Any tiny aluminum bits that were still in there from the vaccuum would be (in my head) in suspension and probably a little finer from getting mashed in the gears. I can't see where a few bits of soft aluminum would be that big of an issue, after all that.

    Can't be any worse than using HDSyn in the tranny for 3K....IMHO.
  8. R_W_B

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    I like the grease idea of the previous poster and also the shop vac running while you are drilling. But when you are done I would hook up a strong garage vac up to a stepped down 1/4" plastic uptake tube. I have done this. You first buy a 1.5" to 1" pvc adaptor and glue it to a foot of 1" pvc pipe. Then you keep gluing on step downs until you get to a size small enough to go through the 7/16 hole. If you can't find the last small step downs I insert one pipe inside the other and use duct tape to seal it. Then duct tape the 1.5" adaptor to your vac hose. The last time I did this I used the stiff plastic flex tubing (from Home Cheapo) as the last leg thru the hole. If you hook it all up correctly you would be astounded at the suction pressure a garage vac will pull like this. I used a similar setup to suck sand out of construction form holes from 3' down using only 3/4" pipe. Sucked them totally clean.