strange noise in the front end

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by casper0311, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. casper0311

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    i have a 2007 street bob that is making a realy weird clankidy clank popping sound that starts up after i ride it for a little bit and it only makes the sound when i am moving. when i rev the engine it doesnt do it i was thinking it might be the fork bearing or something, its really annoying and i want to know for sure before i take it somewhere.
  2. R. Lewis

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    where on the scoot is the "weird clankidy clank popping" sound coming from --- tranny.primary,engine???:wall
  3. jmpancoast

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    If it feels like it is coming from the fork bearings and steering head, you may be experiencing the famous "front end clunk". A lot of the 06-07 suffer from this. It is noticed when hitting bumps, riding on rough roads, and during hard braking.

    The fix involves properly adjusting fall-away using the star steering adjustment nut, a new hardened steering stem washer, and new torque values on the steering stem nut. Parts are less than $7.00.

    Here is a Service Bulletin on this issue: (Note, there may be revisions to this, but it will give you an idea of what is needed)

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    Hi mate i had the same on my street bob and took it back to the shop as i have only 7000km on the clock.They said this was normal for street bobs and was not covered by warranty .I fitted progressive spring kit and test drove it and found out my tank bolts were loose also.I felt abit dumb but it felt like the front end was going to fall off everytime i rode over bumps.Bike is nice to ride again.Hope this helps.
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    It's not normal for any bike to knock when going over bumps due to the front end. Find another dealer that knows what they are doing. Too many dealers try this on the unsuspecting customer with "that's normal" routine.
  6. mstngjoe

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    I had the front end "clunk" on my '07 FXSTC.

    Dealer did the fix (service bulletin) under warranty. All is good now! :D
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    I was having the same problem with my 08 FXDL and and though it might be that the fork oil was to light and needed something stiffer (overall ride is very soft), The dealer checked it out at my 10K service. They said the steering head needed to be readjusted, which they did. Every thing seems fine now.