Stock TC "A" and "B" cams

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    I am replacing cam chain tensioners on a friends 99 flhtci with 47,000 miles. The bike still has the keyed rear cam and sprocket, so the it needs upgraded to the splined cams. I have a question about stock cams. I know 99-03 cams were stamped "A" for carbeurated models and "B" for injected models. And in 04 all cams are stamped "A" for all models. I have a set of "A" cams from a 05 flhti and i want to know iif i can put them in a 99 mag mar injected bike or do i need to get "B" cams that came in it. I would just put a set of se211 in it but i dont like modifing magnetti marelli bikes. I have done the carb swap on a few but my friend likes the F.I. Any input would be apprecited Thanks JD