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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by hd4evr, Aug 17, 2011.

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    I'm liking the stock exhaust on my 2011 SuperGlide Custom, but I'm worried about it running hot. Actually it doesn't even feel as hot as my Road King with a Stage One done to it! Anyway, I'm about to take it in for the first service. Can they do a remap on a stock bike, and will it richen the fuel enough to make it cooler? Also, what do they usually charge for a remap?
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    What have you done as far as mods. to need a remap? ,if I'm thinkin' right , the remap will only set it up to EPA standards < I might be wrong here<.
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    HMMM, you can pay the Dealer or listen to the Boss and be good to go for all your future mods and get the discount JMO:s
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    I would also suggest forgetting the HD download and go with a TFI or a Gen 3.
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    When I fitted an HD SE airfilter kit -there was download required-which did not get done.
    I was worried about the bike running lean so took it in to a dealer who told me that all the download did was move the rev limiter cut in up to 6200 rpm.
    They could not adjust the fuel/air ratio as the ECM is fixed by EPA regs.

    Apparently the SERT (Screaming Eagle Race Tuner) has limitations on adjusting the A/F ratio as well for some aftermarket exhaust and filter setups??.

    I have just read in a well respected American Magazine that they put an SE airfilter on a Fatbob and the stock ECM adjusted to suit.

    It seems therefore that as has been suggested by the guys that know on here you should go with the product they reccommend.
    Hope thats of use.
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    Thanks for all the info guys!

    I should tell you why I ask this question............I traded in my 2007 Road King for the new bike and I had a nightmare of a time with the Stage One on it. PCIII, SE air box, Rinehart slipons..........ran like (EDIT)! Three different mechanics, one "indy", one lifelong race engine builder, and a dealership. Spit, backfired, missed. Probably $2,000 in labor fees, dyno runs, etc. trying to sort it out. Never did run right, so I'm leery of taking my perfectly fine running stock bike, and getting into that mess again.

    Please read and understand the info in this link below...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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    Don't waste your money on a Dealer map download, I have one, came with the bike when bought used. The bike still runs a little hot. Don't know what dealers charge for a remap now days but you can do better with a tuner. I'm getting the TFI tuner, and as said I already have the dealer map.