Stock Mufflers vs moded Stock Mufflers sound comparison

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by red33m, May 29, 2010.

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  1. red33m

    red33m Member

    Hello Forum,

    I went the other day on the weekly meeting we have with some of my friends that are Harley owners..I was riding my Road King Classic with stock exhausts installed. By the time I got there they were like: What kind of sound is that? Are you riding a Harley or not? Sounds like a moped! Of course they didn't say it in an offensive way,they were kidding....Although it was bike sounded awful.. And that is why Panos(a friend of mine and partner for many years,also Harley owner) gave me his older Screamin Eagle slip on mufflers as a gift!

    I went the other day to pick it up..I didn't install it on the bike though because by the time I got home my son showed me on Youtube some clips of how it would sound and I didn't like the sound..I was a bit disappointed. So I started looking for some used after market slip ons on eBay...but no luck either. All of them were way out of my budget because I had already spent loads of money on my bike!

    So what I though is to mod my stock mufflers! It is an exhaust after all..just silenced like (EDIT)! And so I did!! The sound it produces now is a very very deep tone(the deepest i have ever heard - not as loud as the Screamin Eagle but it has a better tone)... The performance is still the same, sounds a bit louder than before..but way much better sound! Because though I am in my garage the echo spoils the revving sound a bit...But I assure you that it really sounds like nothing else while riding!

    It really is an after market killer now!

    Check it out for your self and tell me what you think!

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    Please read and understand the info in this link...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community

    YouTube - Harley Davidson Road King Classic FLHRCI Stock Mufflers vs moded Stock mufflers sound comparison...
  2. purplehazeultra

    purplehazeultra Active Member

    Sounds great.
    If it's to loud your to old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:small3d007:
  3. red33m

    red33m Member

    no mate!

    If it's too loud I am gonna have a headache after every trip! ;)
  4. stefdustin

    stefdustin Member

    I like it...........
  5. jimharvey1

    jimharvey1 Junior Member

    9 never ceases to amaze me when folks go out and buy a $30,000 touring bike with a $2,000+ stereo sound system on it and immediately rip the stock pipes off and put loud muffs on so you can't hear yourself think much less the hi-end stereo. Oh well...different strokes...
  6. ultrat

    ultrat Senior Member Contributor

    I didnt see no picture....
  7. Delmar

    Delmar Active Member

    I also modified the stock muffs by drilling out the rear baffles. I really like the deeper tone but the wife and I can still have a conversation at speed.

    Perfect compromise on sound and price was definitely right.
  8. red33m

    red33m Member

    Exactly more chrome isn't gonna make you happier. I like to keep the money for when I am on trip!
  9. Breeze3at

    Breeze3at Well-Known Member

    For some, the hi-dollar stereo & speakers are so they can assault your ears even after the loud pipes are shut off.
  10. mhayes1209

    mhayes1209 New Member

    Could you show me how the mod was done? Will it affect the tuning on the fuel injection?
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