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  1. :newsmile07: I just installed a fairing on my 97 road king and a pioneer sound system. I am running a fosgate amp in the tour pack with shielded rca cables running to it. It powers speakers in tour pack pods, and 6X9's in fairing. System sounds great, untill I start the bike. It wines from charging system. I have tried grounding to frame and direct to battery. I have installed noise suppressor in main positive to deck. I run soldered connections throughout. I checked connection from stator to regulator. I tried different hot wires for power under nacell. I am going to try grounding out body of unit, as well as main ground to wire plug, to chassis tomorrow. Any suggestions out there.
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    A small capacitor is easy to install and would help this.
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    Try this:
    Go to a Car stereo store and purchase a pair of (RCA IN RCA OUT) isolation transformers. They are small 2" X 2" square devices. Install them at the input of the power amp. Right where the RCA cables go into the power amp.
    Tell them what your using them for.(alternator whine). They will know what you need.
  4. Thanks for the info, I will give it a try.
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    I have installed car audio for years, unground the radio and relocate it to the same place the amplifier is grounded.
    The amplifier should have as short of a ground as possible, the power and ground wire to the amplifier should be at least a 10 gauge wire, keep the RCA cables as far away from the power cables as possible and last the battery or memory wire from the radio as well as the main power wire to the amplifier must connect to the positive battery post. Hope some or all this helps