starter shaft 79 superglide 80C.I.

Discussion in 'FXR Models' started by scranky, Mar 15, 2010.

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    I bought a 79 super glide basket case! motor and trans are stock 1979! NOW the problem?WE put a new bendix gear in and the starter shaft seems to not be right?it kicks in and rides on the clutch basket starter drive but does not turn the bendix gear? we tried3 new bendix gears!!!!ARE there a different starter shaft between 1972 to 1979? we think the shafts are different? But was told they are all the same? some thing is not meshing up on the spline part of shaft or the tooth end that go,s into the starter motor? We have:newsmile08::newsmile08 been busting our heads on this for 4 weeks please help or give us some feed back!!!1 thanks FRANK
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    Do you have #15 (large copper washer) installed? Pinion gear should turn free one way and lock the other. Not shure I fully understand what it's doing, maybe this pic will help explain it easier.
    Starter drive 72.jpg