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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Al F, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Al F

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    The starter will not engage unless I depress the starter button several times. This is on a 08 Ultra Classic.
  2. HDDon

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    The electrical/electronic gurus will chime in here soon but when you depress the start button does it do anything? I would first check the button itself. Sometimes just a little corosion will give you a lot of problems. Take it apart and have a look. Welcome to the forum
  3. bc45

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    First check your grounds, hook a volt meter to the green wire at the starter, if you have power there when it wont turn over you have a problem in the solenoid part of the starter. if there is no power then you need to back track, starter relay, starter button, How are the batterys in the FOB.
  4. marknett

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    had to replace the starter button on my 96 sportster .. Kept trying to start after bike was running . comes as a set . the starter and kill switch are made together .. sealed buttons so you can't do much but replace them. I bought the entire right side handlebar wiring set online which also included blinker switch for 50 bucks
  5. PigSnot

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    Not one of the gurus referred to above; just trying to establish a base line and anticipate some questions from the experts:
    Is it a consistent or intermittent problem?
    When hot, or cold, or both?

    With ignition ON, engine switch to run; Does the engine light illuminate for ~ 4 seconds, and do you hear the fuel pump pressure up the system? The start switch is in series after the run/stop switch so this sequence will confirm the run switch is good and supplying power to the start switch.
    Other switches that come into play, Neutral OR clutch pulled in. The Ignition switch supplies power to contacts of the start relay.
    As others asked, is there a click from the relay when the bike does not start?

    FWIW: Had a similar problem; run switch was intermittent. Toggled it ON/OFF a dozen times trouble shooting and was good for a while. Probably cleared some corrosion. On my ’07 FLHR the run/stop/start switch itself is potted and could not access contacts to service. The run/stop/start switch comes as one assembly on the RK too.
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    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Al F,

    It could be a LOW or BAD battery...

    Not enough information given to go on here... Some very good replies BUT?????

    IF the button, like stated above post, is corroded or bad wire to it, from it, Maybe....:small3d015:

    I usually use My Hoople from out of my tool box to tell me How to check this out:lero

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    We all need a Hoople in our tool box!