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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Cornerdfox, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Cornerdfox

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    Howdy fellow HD owners, My name is Ken and just traded my '11 FLHX for a '13 Limited. Should have made that decision the first time around.
    Question, I bought a set of Big Louie's and slipped the bad boys on as soon as the bike was dropped off. I will be putting on the open air box, Do I have to buy the tuner, or can I just get the $190 Stage 1 DL from Harley?
    I have been getting different feed back, just want to see if can avoid the $400 tuner for now because next year I might get a set of S&S cams, clean up the heads and get the true duals which will require me to get a race tuner.
    Thanks guys!!! :D
  2. FIREDOG239

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    I would look at what Dobecks has to offer, I just got done putting a Gen 3 on my bike and very pleased with it. Look it up on this site, alot of info here.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    The pipes and open air box will have your bike running pretty lean. The HD download simply returns your bike to the same AFR it had sitting on the showroom floor. If you're OK with that then no problem just doing that until your big changes in the future. If you want to cool the bike down even more than stock, you'll have to do some type of fuel tuner. The Dobeck model is easy to use, cost effective, and you get a forum discount.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    It does not get any better than this for the price:D Plus great tech support
  5. pigrider

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    If you're allready planning more mods down the road I'd go ahead and do some kind of fuel tuner now and not throw you're money away on the Harley flash. I had the flash done on mine in 04 but I knew that was as far as I was gonna go until something broke and needed fixin. I don't know all that much about the tuners but if was my ride I'd have someone that knew what they were doin install it and do a dyno on it .
  6. Taildraggerdave

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    I've had good luck with a Power Commander V on my '09.
    Lot's of support on line and I believe it will work on your hotter
    engine later simply by installing another map.

    I do not have the new Power Vision (made by same company) but I really like the fact that you can correct for speedometer error within the module. My speedo is off by 5 and it drives me crazy. But not crazy enough to buy another tuner when the current one is working fine.

    Take care,