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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by dhorne, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. dhorne

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    Hi All
    I got a 2001 EG ultra and the speedo was erratic then it quit , I then cleaned the VSS and it started to work again but only for 30 klm's then it quit again , i cleaned it again and it didn't work , I have read up on it that it needs to be replaced , this system on this bike is Magnetta Meralli , does this make a difference when ordering the VSS and is there any other fixes , can I drive this bike like this without damaging anything else , the turn signals stopped to self cancel as well , i am in venezuela and it will take two weeks to get a new one
    Thanks in advance to all
  2. glider

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    Just order it fir the specific bike and that's about it. Without the VSS, the ECM isn't receiving any input on vehicle speed and can't send out the proper signals for fuel delivery, timing and other things. You could probably ride it but it isn't going to run normal.
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    Glider does the speed sensor control the auto volume control on the radio. I put a Harley radio in my E/G standard. The bike is a carbed model. The radio works fine but the avc is inop. Does a carbed bike without a radio come equiped with the speed sensor.
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    I believe on the FI bikes it does, possibly on the carbed bikes also but not sure on that one. The speed sensor is the brains of the bike as far as input to the ECM.