Softail oil tank change

Discussion in 'Oil' started by kngfsh80, Jan 24, 2009.

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    I am looking at changing my OEM oil tank for a round tank on my '99 FXSTC. I am looking for anyone who has done this or has information. It looks like to me that it is a relative simple swap, but some places talk about welding a brackets on. The same bracket looks like it will bolt on my frame. Any info will be appreciated.

    I have removed my OEM oil tank and installed a round tank. There is no welding to do if the right brackets are supplied. I am taking my time and have around six hours in the project. Part of this project was getting rid of the OEM oil filter mount and installing a remote mount for easier cleaner oil changes and to act as an oil cooler. Today I am installing all new oil lines and clamps.
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