Soft lowers vs. hard lowers

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  1. Fatboy 2

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    I see lots of guys have been happy with the HD soft lowers or Desert Dawgs. Wondering if anyone has used both the soft lowers and the hard lowers like on the Ultra. Do the hard ones have less wind resistance? Do they weigh much more? Which actually give better protection from rain and cold. I see someone advertised lowers for sale off their 2012 Ultra but I was unable to access site because I'm new. Went for a ride on my new 2012 FLHTC at 40 degrees today-too cold. I like the cost of the soft lowers but mostly interested in getting it right. Thanks for your input. Fatboy 2
  2. Jack Klarich

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    IMO the vents built in the Stock hard lowers are the MEOW, if it were my bike I would leave the stock ones on they offer more protection JMO
  3. dbmg

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    There is always the option of quick release lowers so you can remove in summer time and just throw the HD nylon lower in tour pack in case it rains..
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  4. Iceman24

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    Don't have & never used soft lowers, but read on how convenient/compact they are so would be good option, if $$$'s a factor.

    I do have HD hard/vented lowers (CraigsList find) and haven't taken them off since I got home & installed. Really like the added wind deflection, extra storage & looks. If you do go w/hard lowers - highly recommend quick disconnect kit - no tools needed & removal is ~3-min. Good luck!
  5. Breeze3at

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    I don't have experience with hard lowers, but I have soft ones for my Classic. They work very well for blocking cold or rain. Since they present a flat surface, they have a lot of wind resistance. When I take them off on a trip, I really notice the wind pushing on my legs. I like the look of the hard lowers much better, but since I live in the south the ease of on/off and $$ investment makes the choice easy for me.
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  6. TXMikey

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    Like Breez3bat, I don't have experience with the hard lowers. I do have the soft ones (Desert Dawgs), and really like them for when it's cold or rainy for protection from the elements. Another plus for the soft lowers is that they can be put on or taken off in about a minute, and will fold up and store in the saddlebags. My wife and I both have them for our bikes (Street Glide and Heritage), and have really found them to be useful.

    If you're looking for rain/cold protection and don't want, or don't like the looks of, the hard lowers, then soft ones are a good alternative.
  7. STEVE07

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    I like the look of just having the engine guard there instead of a hard lower.
    My soft lowers just sit in the bottom of the saddlebag and don't take up any room and they can be snapped on in a minute if it gets too cold or starts raining.