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    Have an 09 road king. Stage 1 with slip ons and PCV. Looking for cams to give it a bump in power. Need advise. Looking at the SE 254E cam, andrews new 09H cam and woods TW 6-6 cam. Anyone use these cams with same set-up. Whats ur likes and dislikes? Thanks in advance.
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    Do you have the 96 or the 103? If you have the 96, I'd suggest the SE 211's. If you have the 103 (like my RK Police), I'd go with the SE 255's.

    With your stage 1, both will give you in the area of 95-100 tq.
    211's act like stock til somewhere around 2500, then they kick in and will run like a scalded dog. 255's are for big motors and torq early, kicking in at 2000 and pulling hard to 4500-5000, but still run hard to the 6200 max rpm. My buddies 02 RK had the 95" upgrade w/211's and ran like the wind. My 103 runs great w/255's. My .02 . Tracy

    P.S.-Don't have any experience or info on your listed choices.
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    I just put SE 255'2 in my bike and couldn't be happier.

    First is that I got them for $125.00 as new take-outs, the next was the easy install through the wealth of info on this forum and finally, they run exactly where I wanted them to.

    The best thing is that I can cruise in 6th and accelerate at will and pull hills without downshifting.

    If you are buying new, from SE 255's to Woods/S&S/Zippers/Andrews, you will enjoy the change.
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    Contact Bob Woods and tell him what u ride and what your looking for. The man will hook u up. Not many smarter when it comes to making power.