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    Anyone try the SLM from Accel. Just started to hear a little about it even tho it's been out a few years. Thinking of using it with my Magnetti-Morrelli injected 01 Ultra with the 97" big bore, Screamin Eagle Stage II heads, and Woods TW-5G cams. Right now i have the stock 88" with S&S 510G cams and a Cobra FI2000R Auto Tune. Also have Arlen Ness Big Sucker A/C and Rhineheart true dual headpipes with Cobra 4" slip-ons.
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    The model you would install on your bike is the SLM01. After looking at the instructions, I can't figure out what it actually does. It says to install a wide band O2 sensor in place of the narrow band O2 sensor (if you have one). It also taps signals off the TPS and crank sensors.

    So now we have 3 input signals (O2 , TPS and CK), but I don't see any outputs,, do you? So what it actually does remains a puzzle to me. Maybe it lies to the ECM where the throttle butterfly position and RPM of the engine are and somehow converts that to injector pulse width?

    I would say you need bunch more than this for your engine build.

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