Shovelhead rebuild?

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by atvguy, May 7, 2009.

  1. atvguy

    atvguy New Member

    I was wondering about having my 1978 XLCH Sportster 1000cc
    rebuilt with a 74" stroker kit? Does anyone know what it might cost?
    It's a stock 75th anniversary model with 20,7xx something miles on it.

    My engine just started burning oil because of a problem I
    had with my oil filter. Because of my filter, which was NOT
    flowing oil as it should have, my front cylinder is running
    like a metro bus burning oil.

    It looked like I had oil when I checked it but it was just
    reading the oil in the filter, not the oil in the TANK!
    So I need a rebuild, but since I do I'd like more power as
    well. What are my options, thanks! :newsmile063:
  2. sanec1

    sanec1 Active Member

    Thats a loaded question atvguy. You could have the barrels punched out to the next piston size and go with larger pistons.
  3. FishHunter

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    Iron XL's can be very quick, set up with a 4 5/8" stroker kit (74") along with the proper cams, carb, ignition.
    Can be somewhat costly as well, when done correctly.(As if there is another way??) I'd say in the area of 3500.00+.
  4. atvguy

    atvguy New Member

    Thanks for your replies guys, I'm getting a new used bike to ride for now and taking my bike to a reputable shop nearby for the engine work. It's called the Hog Farm in West Seneca NY. They said about $2500 to rebuild an ironhead with regular parts. I'm assuming the stroker parts will be more. But then I'd have to use high octane gas, and there's the question of a built motor being reliable? I may just do it anyway. I'll have 2 rides so when one is down I'm still out in the wind...

    I just wish it wasn't all so complicated. I've fixed so many really hard to repair things. I just don't have all of the specialized engine tools.:bigsmiley19: